Flan Patissier

Flan patissier is a French classic. A baked custard, encased in  sweet shortcrust pastry. The baked custard is creamy and silky soft which works so well with the buttery and crisp pastry. This isn't a dessert that packs a punch with flavour, but it really is a lovely custard tart that is extremely easy to make … Continue reading Flan Patissier


Mille Feuille

Mille Feuille, aka "a thousand leaves"... the yummiest, most delicate, buttery, creamy french pastry which is soo delicious and DEFINITELY worth all the hassle and time involved in making this complex little cake! I followed Paul Hollywood's recipe for the pastry element of this bake - his rough puff pastry recipe is a lot shorter and less … Continue reading Mille Feuille

Cappuccino eclairs

These cappuccino eclairs are so delicious! They are basically a traditional cream filled eclair, with a silky coffee glaze and a drizzle of chocolate (which is why I called them cappuccino and not coffee eclairs - they also sound more exciting this way!). I used my standard choux pastry recipe for these eclairs, which I … Continue reading Cappuccino eclairs