Mini Egg Cookies

These cookies are just egg-rything you want them to be. Chewy, soft & covered in little pastel pink chocolate mini eggs. Mini Eggs are one of my FAVOURITE Easter chocolate (as well as Creme Eggs, Malteaser Bunnies, Smarties Eggs etc etc - hmmm.. I don't really have a favourite, I JUST LOVE THEM ALL). What … Continue reading Mini Egg Cookies


Marshmallow + Popcorn Cookies

Marshmallow + popcorn cookies - there is nothing I don't like about that sentence ❤ These cookies are a little different. They're more special than the plan old chocolate chip cookie, and have something rather exciting about them... Once baked, the marshmallow becomes oozy and soft, whilst the popcorn remains crunchy and sweet. The muscovado … Continue reading Marshmallow + Popcorn Cookies

M&M Cookies

These cookies are so simple and is an ideal base for any of your favourite sweets or chocolate! I love using M&M's for a nutty taste and a burst of colour! This recipe is so easy and quick! It comes from one of my favourite blogs - Pinch of Yum! I have adjusted the recipe to … Continue reading M&M Cookies