Biscoff Cake (V)

My obsession with Biscoff spread has embarrasingly only just started (HOW HAS THIS JUST COME INTO MY LIFE). For those of you that haven't tried biscoff spread before, it's like eating a spoonful of thick, toasty, biscuity caramel joy, and I would highly recommned hunting some down. Oh, and it's also vegan friendly too! A … Continue reading Biscoff Cake (V)


Raw Summer Berry Cheesecake (GF/V)

Dates, berries, banana, cashews, soy milk, oats, flaxseed & coconut oil. Yep - that is ALL that's inside this healthy little vegan friendly pud. This cheesecake is absolutely (r)awesome. Each spoonful is full of super healthy goodness, all from natural & raw ingredients. Like my previous banana & salted date caramel cheesecake, this one is … Continue reading Raw Summer Berry Cheesecake (GF/V)

Mini Summer Pavolva

A Pavlova is one of the most effortless and beautiful desserts I can think of, and so perfectly fitting for summer. If you have never tried a pavlova, just picture this - mounds of fluffy cloud-like meringue, baked until mallow and chewy, and topped with whipped cream and fresh fruit ❤ These Pavlova's are embarrassingly … Continue reading Mini Summer Pavolva