Crunchy Nut Macarons

The creation of these macarons came after viewing my all-time beloved documentary series on Netflix, Chef's Table. In awe of Christina Tosi and completely obsessed with the concept of Milk Bar, it only seemed right that I then on set to include cereal or cookie dough into every other meal of my life. Et voilà, welcome to … Continue reading Crunchy Nut Macarons


Chocolate Cruffins

My OBSESSION ((in caps so you can feel my pure excitement)) with the cruffin started when I came across the Supermoon Bakehouse (in NYC) on Instagram. BLOWN. AWAY. The Cruffin is a heavenly hybrid between a croissant and a muffin. Layers of laminated croissant dough spiralled and baked in a muffin tin. There isn't really … Continue reading Chocolate Cruffins

Mini Egg Cookies

These cookies are just egg-rything you want them to be. Chewy, soft & covered in little pastel pink chocolate mini eggs. Mini Eggs are one of my FAVOURITE Easter chocolate (as well as Creme Eggs, Malteaser Bunnies, Smarties Eggs etc etc - hmmm.. I don't really have a favourite, I JUST LOVE THEM ALL). What … Continue reading Mini Egg Cookies

Jammie Dodger Cupcakes

These cupcakes are ma jam. Vanilla sponge surrounds an ooozing center of raspberry jam. Topped with a silky vanilla buttercream of the GODS, and finished with a mini Jammie Dodger. There is nothing more disappointing than an underwhelming cupcake. So often cupcakes are heaped with buttercream, and the sponge itself is neglected and tasteless - … Continue reading Jammie Dodger Cupcakes

Biscoff Cake (V)

My obsession with Biscoff spread has embarrasingly only just started (HOW HAS THIS JUST COME INTO MY LIFE). For those of you that haven't tried biscoff spread before, it's like eating a spoonful of thick, toasty, biscuity caramel joy, and I would highly recommned hunting some down. Oh, and it's also vegan friendly too! A … Continue reading Biscoff Cake (V)